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LOT 370:  1911 T3 Turkey Red #9 Ty Cobb



CURRENT BID:  $12,000.00

Start:  4/8/2009 11:00:00 AM EST 

End:  5/3/2009 3:00:00 AM EST

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  STARTING BID:  $1,500.00

BID COUNT:  30 (Bid History)

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Graded VG/EX 50 by SGC. Presented is one of the most stunning T3 Ty Cobb examples we have ever seen, and, we think, by far the best-looking T3 Ty Cobb graded VG/EX 50 by SGC that we will ever see. This card looks Near Mint! This example is bright and clean, both front and back (checklist style reverse), with bright, bold colors, four square corners with just the lightest, even hint of wear, and perfect centering. The image of Cobb is totally unblemished and without flaws. No wear, no scrapes, no creases, no stains! The card has been downgraded for a very unusual reason that is not easily seen out of the SGC holder and is undetectable in the SGC holder: evidence of pressed corners from being stored in a heavy plastic screw-down holder for the past twenty years. This card is from the Charlie Conlon collection. Charlie stored this card in a heavy screw-down holder for protection. That is the only reason the card has been downgraded. When viewed from the side under magnification, the card stock in the corners is very slightly thinner, due to the pressure of the screw-down holder (which had tightly turned screws in the corners). We did not detect the "thinner corner stock" issue when we took this card out of the large screw-down holder. REA originally submitted this card for grading to PSA, and the card was encapsulated as "Authentic." When we asked PSA what the issue was, so that we could be sure to communicate the problem with the card in our write-up (thinking that perhaps it was a pin-hole repair or something like that), we were surprised to learn that the reason was altered stock in the corners from being stored in the screw-down holder. By policy, REA does not resubmit cards in the hope of a higher grade. In this case, however, the issue was not the grade, but simply whether a card with this defined imperfection qualified to receive a numerical grade. There is no disagreement about the nature of the card itself. Different grading companies grade slightly differently with respect to various condition issues, and we thought that in this unique case it would be irresponsible for us to not check with SGC to see if they would grade this card in the same manner. We submitted the card to SGC (with full disclosure). SGC had no issue grading this card numerically. SGC downgraded the card to VG/EX due to the slightly thinner corners. It would have otherwise graded much higher. We are providing this additional information as it is part of REA's formal disclosure policy that the grading history of cards submitted for grading by an auction house should be disclosed. This is a beautiful card! Its appearance is so strong, it is almost hard to believe it is only in a VG-EX holder. This is an extremely impressive example of one of card collecting’s most classic cards, in an extremely desirable grade, with the appearance of a much higher-grade example. Reserve $1,500. Estimate $3,000/$5,000.

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STARTING BID: $1,500.00
CURRENT BID: $12,000.00
NEXT BID: $13,000.00
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