Lot # 80: 1910-Era Caramel-Card Collection (80) Including E90-1, E92, E93, E94, E96, E102, E254, and E270-2

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Collection of eighty cards from nine different 1910-era caramel-card issues, highlighted by several Hall of Famers, including Addie Joss, Willie Keeler, and Cy Young. 1) E90-1 American Caramel (15 cards): All cards except one are trimmed, otherwise Pr to Fr. Includes the following: B. Brown, Clarke/Phila. (trimmed, otherwise Pr-Fr, HOF), Corridon, Criger, Demmitt, Dygert, Grant, Hartzell, Heitmuller, Keeler (trimmed, otherwise Pr, HOF), Leever, F. Mitchell, Oakes, O'Connor, and Tannehill. 2) E90-2 American Caramel (1 card): Adams (Fr). 3) E92 Dockman & Sons (5 cards): All cards are trimmed, otherwise Pr. Includes the following: Bemis, Devlin, Magee, O'Hara, and Seigle. 4) E93 Standard Caramel (4 cards): Dahlen (trimmed, otherwise Pr), Delehanty (slight trim, otherwise Fr), Pastorious (trimmed, otherwise Fr), and Phillippi (trimmed, otherwise Fr). 5) E94 George Close Candy (2 cards): Grant (trimmed, otherwise Pr) and Moore (trimmed, otherwise Pr). 6) E96 Philadelphia Caramel (1 card): Gibson (trimmed, otherwise Fr). 7) E102 Anonymous "Set of 25" (2 cards): Lobert (trimmed, otherwise Pr) and Smith (trimmed, otherwise Pr). 8) E254 Colgan's Chips (49 cards): All cards are glued to cardboard backings, otherwise Pr to Fr (mostly Pr and including some with a slight trim). Includes the following: Abbott, Abstein/Jersey City, Altizer/Minneapolis, Altrock, Ames, Bayless, Beaumont/Chicago, Bemis/Cleveland, Buemiller, Birmingham, Bridwell, Burke/Ft. Wayne, Camnitz, Crandall, Demmitt/Montreal, Devlin, Donovan, Flaherty/Atlanta, Gardner/Boston, Halla, Hummel, Joss (trimmed and glued to cardboard backing, otherwise Pr, HOF), Knabe, Konetchy, LaPorte/NY, Leach, Lindaman/Indianapolis, Lord/Boston, McCarthy, McGinnity (glued to cardboard backing, otherwise Pr, HOF), McLean, Merkle, Meyers, Moriarty/Detroit, Moriarty/Omaha, Murphy, Nelson/St. Louis, Parent, Peterson, Pfiester, Ritter, Rowan/Cincinnati, Siner, Sparks/Philadelphia, Stahl, Stone, Walker, Young (glued to cardboard backing, otherwise Pr-Fr, HOF), and Zimmerman/Chicago. 9) E270-2 Colgan's Chips "Tin Tops" (1 card): Johns (glued to cardboard backing, otherwise Pr). Despite being trimmed, this is a very pleasing collection of cards with several notable highlights and including samples from many of the 1910 era's most popular and widely collected sets! Total: 80 cards. Reserve $300.

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