Lot # 95: 1910-Era Sport and Nonsport Tobacco- and Caramel-Card Scrapbook (800+ Cards) Including T201, T204, T205, T206, and E90-1 with Cobb, Mathewson, Chance, and Joss

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Presented is a meticulously compiled scrapbook featuring over 800 cards from thirty-five different 1910-era sport and nonsport sets, highlighted by nineteen T206 White Borders, two T205 Gold Borders, one T204 Ramly, twelve T201 Mecca Double Folders including Ty Cobb, and thirteen E90-1 American Caramel cards including Christy Mathewson. Each card is held in place by glue on the reverse and arranged by set, with eight to sixteen cards per page. The colors remain vibrant and bold on the fronts from their preservation within the scrapbook. The following sets are represented: 1) E90-1 American Caramel (13 cards): Including Chase, Keeler (portrait), and Mathewson. 2) T201 Mecca Double Folder (12 cards): Including Brown/Hofman, Cobb/Crawford, and McGinnity/McCarty. 3) T204 Ramly (1 card): Beebe. 4) T205 Gold Border (2 cards): Cady and Knight. 5) T206 White Border (19 cards): Including M. Brown/Chicago on shirt, Chance/red, portrait, Griffith/portrait, Joss/pitching, and Kleinow/Boston. 6) T25 Actors (6 cards). 7) T26 Actresses (4 cards). 8) T27 Actress Series (14 cards). 9) T29 Animals (53 cards). 10) T30 Arctic Scenes (9 cards). 11) T37 Automobile Series (27 cards). 12) T42/T43 Bird Series (28 cards). 13) T44 Birthday Horoscopes (30 cards). 14) T48 Butterflies (3 cards). 15) T51 College Series (39 cards). 16) T52 Costumes and Scenery (6 cards). 17) T53 Cowboy Series (1 card). 18) T58 Fish Series (24 cards). 19) T57 Fable Series (61 cards). 20) T59 Flags of All Nations (24 cards). 21) T62 Fortune Series (103 cards). 22) T68 Heroes of History/Men of History (5 cards). 23) T69 Historic Homes (16 cards). 24) T72 Hudson-Fulton Series (12 cards). 25) T73 Indian Life in the 60's (29 cards). 26) T77 Lighthouse Series (15 cards). 27) T79 Military Series (6 cards). 28) T105 Bears of Different Countries (8 cards). 29) T106 State Girls Series (17 cards). 30) T107 Seals of the United States and Coats of Arms of All Countries of the World (96 cards). 31) T108 Theatres Old and New Series (13 cards). 32) T112 Toast Series (87 cards). 33) T118 The World's Greatest Explorers (3 cards). 34) T218 Champion Athlete and Prize Fighters (45 cards). 35) T220 Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series (2 cards). This scrapbook presents an instant collection containing some of the most colorful and popular sport and nonsport sets of the era and provides an extraordinary "snapshot" of how cards were collected many decades ago. Total: 800+ cards. Reserve $1,000.

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